The Revolution with No Face

In the early 2000s the United States went to war with the Taliban in Afghanistan, which began a frustrating, expensive 20 year war which yielded no definite outcomes.

Guerrillas proved that it was possible to continue to exist in spite of being occupied by a huge conventional force--simply by hiding. There was no one to face off with.

In 2017, Facebook tried to join the Web3 economy by launching Libra, but was immediately stopped by large institutions.

DeFi moved right along unhindered.

When Mark Zuckerberg went in front of Congress, it was plain to see how ill prepared our legislators were for the task of understand modern business models. But they could at least disrupt Mark Zuckerberg's day – there was someone to call.

As a betting man, I think the Bitcoiners have called the future accurately. Cryptocurrencies will come to dominate world finance simply because of their neutrality, and because when nation states decide that the structure or function of one of these systems has an unattractive quality, they will simply have no one to call.

There will be no Mark Zuckerberg to call and harass. There will be no organization to audit. There will be no paperwork to file. There will be no rogue state to topple. There will be only a frustrating game of whackamole--fought by a nameless, faceless, but peaceful enemy of the state.

All of the politicking, monetary influence, gatekeeping, and threatening will count for nothing.

Business people who just want predictable logistics and return on investment will flock to frustration free, apolitical, high yield assets.

Humanity will reach consensus about what constitutes value in this new world.

We will realize a new virtue: The separation of currency and state.

And the world will be greatly improved.

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