About Ryan

Up until this point, I've done a handful of mildly interesting things in life. I'm the LaCroix of fascinating people.

I learned 4 years of Computer Science in high school.

I did well enough at that to get an appointment to the Air Force Academy where I studied Physics and Chinese. Graduated in 2009.

Served as a military officer for 5 years as a person who allegedly knows things about Physics.

I've lived in a few places: Boston, LA, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Honduras.

And I've traveled to a couple dozen countries beyond that.

I've spent 2 years living in a van while re-inventing myself as a software engineer.

I've co-founded a small agency: fueledonbacon.com

And I've been involved with several startups in various software engineering capacities. Well versed in JavaScript. Handy with Node, Vue, GraphQL and some related frameworks.

I'm presently very interested in concepts around liquid democracy and cloud countries.